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January 18, 2018
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In modern lifestyle, almost every people want to look good and many wants look great. Hair plays an important role in your looks. Without hair on the head or half hairs on head disturb your looks and personality as well also. Hair is valuable for both men and women. If you check the stats of Hair Transplant in Delhi you will find out 50% of the total patient are men and 35% are women. So according to these stats, you will see males struggle more than females.

It doesn’t mean hair loss problem is for males. Hair loss is a problem that is a serious matter for every woman. Many men ignore their hair problem but not even single women ignore it. Hair loss for women is like a headache for them. As we know India is a male dominating country here females have less space than males so women with hair loss problem can see as like she is struggling from a very serious problem and she is totally ignored by the family and friends. So when you look the stats of Hair Transplant in Delhi you will find out men’s are more than females.

Many women are suffering from hair loss problem but they have alternative option to solve this. They style their hair in such a way that hair loss problem is not seen by anyone expect suffering women. They treat their hair silently. During hair fall many questions came to their mind but due to lack of comfort, they don’t consult with Elders or doctor. but don’t worry cure your hair which is one of the leading hair treatment clinics that best known for providing hair Transplant in Delhi is now going to answer some of the questions which is most asked by women’s.

What Is A Common Cause Of Hair Loss Among Females?

Before coming to the common cause of the hair loss among female let’s check out little stats which is made by cure your hair that offer Hair Transplant in Delhi. Almost 50% of women by age of 50 notice the sign of hair loss. While reaching an age of 75 almost 45% of the females lose their hair completely. And the reason behind is female pattern hair loss which is also known as androgenic alopecia. This is the two common reasons behind the hair loss among females. So let’s take a look what it is.

• Female Pattern Hair Loss : is a genetic problem which inherited either the parents or grandparents. In this case, hair starts thinning rather than falling. This problem starts from the late of teens and no particular time is set for ending. It can end at the age of 50 or it can end at the age of 75. In this case, most of the women notice thinning of hair and hair stays on scalp for short period of time. And hair does not reach their usual length.

Treatment of Female Pattern Hair Loss:

Minoxidil: this drug is made for blood pressure patient but after making researcher noticed that this drug is helpful for hair loss treatment more than blood pressure. Then this drug tests on some hair problem sufferer and the result is really shocking females Age of 18 to 45 notice the moderate growth of hair and females age of 45 to 75 notice the lower growth on hair. After this test Minoxidil drug used for hair problem.

Are Women Needed To Change The Regimen?

This Is the question that comes first while women taking the hair loss treatment. And the answer is no. during treatment many women stop coloring the hair, washing etc. you don’t need to stop these things and even you don’t need to change the hairstyle. These things don’t affect the treatment and not even slow down the treatment.

Is Hair Loss Is A Sign Of Some Serious Disease?

Losing of 50 to 100 hair in a day is normal. This is a completely normal if you losing at this speed don’t worry. You don’t need to take any tension. but if you losing at the amount of 150 hair in a day then you need to consult with us or any other doctor that offers best hair Transplant in Delhi it is completely your wish because it could be the sign of disease like Hyperandrogenism. So let’s check out, what is Hyperandrogenism?

• Hyperandrogenism: it is a medical term in which excessive production of male hormones known as androgen and this can be a reason behind hair loss in women. Hyperandrogenism has many name and many types. The common cause of Hyperandrogenism in women is functional ovarian Hyperandrogenism. A functional ovarian hyperandrogenism is a form of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) at adolescence it can also cause obesity and acne.

Can Women Go For Hair Restoration Treatment?

It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female. If you have enough donor sites then you can go for hair loss treatment. The donor site is must need for hair loss treatment. There is few treatment available that doesn’t require donor site but these treatments are very costly and highly risky. If you going for hair Transplant in Delhi or any other part of a country they first see and check the quality of donor site then next action is performed.

• Donor Site: female pattern hair loss can be caused by accident, burning, using expired medicines and excessive use of hair products. In that case, some area of head affected and rest of area remain same. The unaffected area is known as the donor site. The affected area can take the hair as a loan from the unaffected area. In this whole process unaffected area not loses their capability of growing hair it just providing a few loans not giving his capability. Because affected area loos its hair, not its capability. Even after the baldness, it is capable of growing hair. An affected area just needs a starting point.

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