Hair Loss Problem Among Teenagers

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi
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December 28, 2017
Hair loss Treatment In Delhi
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January 8, 2018
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Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair loss is the most common problem in which almost half of the population is suffering. In medical term hair loss is known as alopecia. Alopecia refers to hair loss, hair thinning and hair balding anywhere in the body. There can be many reasons behind hair loss. But the most common is aging According to the stats of Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi 10% patients are below the 18 and it is very high when we compared it to last stats and many doctors believe that this rate is still increasing very fast.

Everyone talks about hair loss among males and females but they always forgot that teenagers are also struggling with hair loss. When you compare the last 3 stats of hair loss treatment in Delhi you will find that the numbers of teenagers are increasing at the speed of 3%. This is very high. Most of the cases are hair thinning and spot baldness. Without wasting the time let’s take a look at medical and non-medical causes of hair loss among teenagers. The causes which are given by cure your hair that is one of the leading clinics for providing hair loss treatment In Delhi.

Medical Causes Of Hair Loss Among Teenagers

There can be many reasons behind hair loss among teenagers. Some are medical and some are non-medical. But there are few common causes of hair loss among children which are.

Tinea capitis: This is also known as ringworm of the scalp. It is like a fungal can be noticed in a number of ways but the most common patch. The patches look like the round in shape. In tinea capitis, Hair falls from a particular place of the head which is known as spot baldness.


The treatment of tinea capitis is simple. There is a tablet available for this problem which is known as griseofulvin. This is an oral tablet that you have to use for eight weeks. Teenagers can also use an antifungal shampoo such as sulfide or ketoconazole to decrease the amount of falling hair.

Alopecia areata: it is the non-fungal disease. It is caused by disturb immune system. In this hair are not able to accept the cells of the body and the immune system attack on hair and hair starts falling. There is no cure available for alopecia areata. Some children regrow their hair within a year and some not. Some total loss their hair that leads to alopecia totalis and some loss their full body hair and that leads to alopecia universalis.


Children can apply corticosteroid ointments to the bald areas. Teenagers can also use steroids. A well knows steroid is Minoxidil Rogaine. It is used by many best doctors in Delhi that offer best hair loss treatment In Delhi. There is another option available that’s called anthralin. You can directly apply to the scalp for a very short time. After using this treatment your hair will regrow within 10 to 12 weeks.

Trichotillomania: in medical term, it is also known as the psychological problem of hair. This is caused by pulling or plucking own hair. Due to this children have to suffer from patchy hair loss spot baldness. when a children struggling from any stress like loss of family member, not getting good grades in exams etc. he just start pulling or plucking own hair which may lead to many hair problems like spot hair loss.


There is no medical treatment available for trichotillomania because it is psychological problem. The only thing you can do it, just consult with the psychologist or use an antidepressants tablet. You just need to free your mind from stress. Stress is the main reason behind the trichotillomania.

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Nutritional deficiency: hair loss can also be caused by nutritional deficiency. Eating lots of Junk food leads to any problem and one of the most common is hair loss. But the uncommon thing is lots of vitamin A also leads to hair loss. Researchers found that eating lots of vitamin A can also be a reason behind your hair loss.


Vitamin H or Biotin: You have to increase the use of vitamin H or biotin in your daily meal. They both convert your carbohydrate into glucose and pump up your body to grow the hair and it also increases the strength and shine of the hair.
For Biotin you can eat
Dairy products
Green vegetables etc.

Zinc: It is very important to get Zinc in your food. If you do not involve zinc in your food then you have to suffer from hair loss problem because it is the most powerful mineral for strong and shiny hair.
For zinc
Certain seafood such as crab and lobster
Whole grains
Dairy products etc.
You can find the whole diet plan from the internet or you can do just consult to the cure your hair that provides best hair loss treatment in Delhi.

Endocrine: in some teenagers the cause of hair loss is hyperthyroidism. In hyperthyroidism, thyroids are underactive and unable to produce the sufficient amount of hormones. Due to lack of thyroid hormones endocrine is occurred.
Doctors find out hyperthyroidism by doing the blood test or scanning the thyroid gland. There are several medical treatments available for this problem but treatment vary from many factors such as
Age of children
His fitness level
Strong enough to handle the treatment
Are children is suffering from any other diseases etc?
For more factors visit cure your hair that offers hair loss treatment in Delhi.

Nonmedical Reasons:

Medical reason includes diseases such as Endocrine, Trichotillomania etc. but there are still many reasons behind your hair loss which is non-medical. Most of the causes need medical treatment but there are still many causes which need the attention of owners.

Non-medical reasons are

Rough use of comb
Insufficient diet
Use of hair dryer and straightener daily
Using harsh chemical to treat your hair
Using non keratin shampoo

For more causes visit cure your hair that provides hair loss treatment in Delhi.

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