What Causes Hair Loss And How To Prevent Them

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi
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October 16, 2017
Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi
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December 28, 2017
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Hair loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair loss Treatment in Delhi

Whether you are male or female or teenager Hair loss is the most upsetting problem for all of us. It makes you uncomfortable and decreases your self-confidence. And we all know how much confidence is needed in our life. That’s exactly cure your hair Does. We solve your hair loss problem and make you more confident regarding your hair. The first thing came in mind of a Person who is struggling from hair loss is what causes hair loss then he starts to Google it and then they found different site have different causes and like other you confused. But don’t worry because cure your hair is now going to tell you the most common causes of hair loss.

Some causes of hair loss and hair loss treatment

The loss of 50 to 100 hairs is common. It is a natural process you don’t need any medical treatment or extra care to your hair. By the passing of age hair loss is common and most men know about it. But what if when you losing at the amount of 150 to 200 hairs daily now that’s a problem or you can say that, that’s a big problem. So without wasting time let’s discuss the causes of hair loss.

  • Physical Stress:  Any kind of illness, surgery can increase your hair fall. This hair problem is called telogen effluvium. But don’t worry because this is a temporary hair loss once you recover your health your hair also starts recovering.

What you have to do:  Don’t worry once you recover your health your hair also start growing.

  • Malnutrition: our body requires many types of protein and vitamin. In our day to day life, we take only some vitamins. Our food is not enough to give you whole vitamins and lack of protein cause hair loss.

What you have to do: increase the amount of iron in your food. For iron, you can include green vegetables like spinach, red meat, egg yolks in your food. And you also have to increase vitamin A which is present in a dairy product like milk, curd etc. and from egg also.

  • Hypothyroidism: It is  a medical term in which your thyroid becomes inactive and unable to produce sufficient amount of hormones that directly affect your health as well as hair also

What you have to do: Actually, to repair or make it function this is not in your hand. Take the medical help of the best and trained doctors Or if you are living in Delhi then go for cure your hair.

  • Autoimmune: this cause due to disturbing of immune system and also known as alopecia aerate. This is a medical problem don’t treat yourself.

What you have to do: our medical field specialist used steroid injection to Solve this problem. Many other medical treatments are available but this works best or you can consult with the doctors.

  • Instant weight loss: many people use different types of steroid sometimes this help but many time they gave you harmful effects. And one of the major disadvantages is hair loss. many doctors ays that If your body loss your weight very rapidly and along with hair loss this can cause anorexia.

What you have to do: dramatic weight loss can cause hair loss but this hair loss is temporary after six months of weight loss process your hair loss problem solve automatically. If the problem is still troubling you then you can go with cure your hair.

  • Chemotherapy:  a cancer patient well knows about it. It is a therapy that is used for the treatment of cancer. It divided the cells of cancer but it also divides the cells of hair. So that causes hair loss and unfortunately, this is not in your hands

What you have to do: once your theory Is done your hair will come back soon but new hair will be of a different type or different color. It is a surprise for you. If the surprise is big then our door is 24*7 open.

  • Over styling: this fact is very common. If you are not ill then this reason can behind your hair loss. Some style gives you look but it also gives hair damaging. Styling like tightening of hair, curling and using of hair dryer etc. gives you beauty but it is not good for your hair.

What you have to do: not even us but doctors that offer best Hair Loss Treatment In Delhi recommend you to decrease the use of hair straighter, hair dryer etc. use it but not on regular intervals.

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

  • Anabolic steroid: this is a bodybuilding steroid. Almost every gym person or athletic knows about it. It pumps your body and gives you the monster type of body but it also gives hair loss problem. After taking steroid your hair starts thinning or start falling.

What you have to do: after stop taking the steroid your hair will be back or stop falling.

  • Trichotillomania: This is also very well known as impulse control disorder. It is very well known as a psychological problem in which person pull or bite their hair or scalp. So while person bites or pulling their hair they are actually damaging their hair or scalp. This may result in loss or thin of hair.

What you have to do:  you can take antidepression therapy and if the problem is still not under control then you need to contact us.

  • Aging: this is not an uncommon problem this is very common after completing 50s your hair starts thinning. This is very common among male and females both. By passing the age your hair starts thinning or falling.

 What you have to do: Many options are available but the doctor that offers Hair Loss Treatment In Delhi don’t recommend it. This is a natural problem but all you can do just use wigs and go to best hair salon adjust your hair that looks like hairstyle

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