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Hair loss Treatment in Delhi
What Causes Hair Loss And How To Prevent Them
December 19, 2017
Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi
Hair Loss Problem Among Teenagers
January 3, 2018
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Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

When your hair falling continuously you feel disturbed and low confidence. After torcher by your hair, you start Google home remedies for men and you apply some of the ideas which are given by Google. Sometimes this idea works sometimes not and the reason behind this every single person has different hair and different scalp condition and another reason it may be the idea is wrong or fake.

After applying all the home remedies treatment the result is still nothing. Then you step forward to the medical treatment and trust me cure your hair provides the best Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi. In the medical field, there are only two way to treat your hair first one is hair loss treatment and the second one is hair transplant.

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

And the whole hair transplant and hair loss treatment procedures based on donor site. If you don’t have enough donor sites then there is no medical treatment available for your hair. So now the qu

estion arises, what is donor site and how it is helpful to hair transplant or hair loss treatments? So let’s check out the answer which is given by one of the best hair clinics that offers hair loss treatment in Delhi.

What is donor site?

The main cause of hair loss among men is male pattern hair loss. and this Is caused by any accident or burning. The area of the scalp which is unaffected by the male pattern hair loss is called donor site. Hair treatment and hair transplant are totally based on donor site. If you have enough donor site then you have more bright chance to grow your hair back.

How is donor site useful?

Donor site basically provides the hair as a loan to the affected area of the scalp. Doctors that are well known for hair loss treatment in Delhi first check the quality of the donor site and then they start withdrawing tissue from the donor site and paste to the affected area of the scalp.

Donor area also knows as saving area that offers some hair as a loan to the affected area for hair transplantation. Doctors pay much attention to that area and during the whole procedure, they treat donor site very critically.

Evaluation of donor site

Evaluation of donor site include

Family hair loss history: before treating the hair loss problem doctor first examine the patients family background of hair. After examining this they make the report and this report tells whether the patient is suffering from the genetic problem or not. Even tells the future of hair of a patient. If patient’s parents or grandparents are suffering from hair loss problem then it is obvious that patient also has to suffer from hair loss.

Scalp examination: it is very important for the doctor to examine the scalp condition. They need to check both affected area and unaffected area carefully. And this process is done by experienced doctors The doctor who is experienced in serving best hair loss treatment in Delhi.

Age of the patient: this factor matter a lot for planning the procedure of the hair loss treatment and hair transplantation. Young peoples are enough strong they can manage procedure and precaution easily as compare to aged. A doctor makes procedure by looking the age of the patient. Young people need a different procedure and aged people need the different procedure. There is more chance that Young people have enough donor site because by the passing of age donor site decreases automatically.  So that’s why the different age of people needs the different procedure.

Types of hair fall:

If we talk about how much hair on the scalp then the answer is human scalp can handle up to 100000 to 150000 and average falling the hair in a day is 50 to 100. If you falling more than this then it can cause a serious problem so it is important to identify the problem. There can be different types of hair loss. So let’s take a look at common hair loss problem.

Telogen:- if we talk about the life cycle of hair we will find out a life of hair is only 2 to 6 years. During this period hair grow and after fully grow they start resting and after resting they start falling. During the resting period, telogen hair starts growing on that particular scalp location were hair fully grows and ready to fall.

Let’s see the causes of telogen


Drastic weight loss or weight gain


Alopecia areata: this is also known as spot blindness in this hair is falling out from a particular location of the head or you can say that hair is falling from the particular spot of the scalp. This occurs when a body doesn’t identify the cells and the immune system attacks o the hair. And hairs start falling.


The exact causes of alopecia areata are still unknown. Researchers and the best doctor who offers hair loss treatment in Delhi say that this occurs due to the family background of hair loss and due to the autoimmune disorder.

Involutional alopecia:-  this is a normal cause of hair loss as reaching the age of 50 hair starts falls out.

Effective use of donor site

When donor site is limited hair restoration planning also need to take help of advanced surgical methods. Those mainly include scalp re-education. It reduces the area of the scalp that needs hair transplantation.

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

While taking tissue of donor site you need to notice these things.

Hair color: natural hair has its own natural color. So recipients site also gets the natural color.

Hair density:  hair density measured by the formula which is based on how much hair is present in per square inch of the scalp. Density varies on different location of the scalp. Different locations have different density.

Hair texture:  donor site has natural hair texture. The texture which includes straightening and frizzy. So recipient site automatically receives the natural texture of the hair.

Donor site harvesting techniques:

Donor site harvesting techniques are improved over the years. Techniques are improving years by years almost 50% to 60% are improved. Newer techniques reduce the work of donor site. Now the hair transplantation can also be done with lower donor site. If you want full details please contact cure your hair that offers hair loss treatment in Delhi.

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