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Choosing a hair transplant clinic in Delhi and also on other major cities is often a tough decision since it greatly impacts your lifestyle. No one wants to go into wrong hands for a sensitive matter like hair transplant in Delhi.

For all those who want to say a goodbye to baldness and avail the best hair treatment services from highly experienced surgeons at remarkably affordable prices, Cure Your Hair clinic is the best place for you. Cure Your Hair is the best place for all men who seek to take a positive step in their lives and not experiment with their bald looks.

Cure Your Hair is a globally renowned and most credible hair transplant clinic in Delhi offering top-grade and remarkable hair transplant services at highly cost-effective price ranges. Cure Your Hair has emerged as the industry leader in delivering professional services of hair transplant in Delhi using highly advanced and innovative procedures at commendable quality and service standards. Through a team of highly skilled, trained and experienced surgeons, we guarantee delivering remarkable and magical results within short time span to ensure absolute client satisfaction and provide them value for money.

Hair transplant in delhi

Why choose Cure Your Hair?

Globally Renowned

Our surgeons and doctors are industry leaders and hold tremendous expertise and acumen in delivering hair transplant procedures at high accuracy rates.

Advanced Techniques

Cure Your Hair is equipped with state-of-the-art and modern high-tech equipment with world-class infrastructure to deliver top-grade services to our clients.

Affordable Services

We believe in delivering world-class and remarkable results at highly affordable prices. We believe in providing value for money services and provide complete guidance .

Lower Transection Rates

Transection refers to graft damage during extraction. Transection rate should be as low as possible since a transected graft fails to grow.

Every person experiencing tremendous hair loss and seeking hair implant goes through the pros and cons of different hospitals and clinics prior to selecting one for availing services like hair transplant in Delhi.

We will now list the major reasons why patients prefer Cure Your Hair for Hair Transplant services:

  1. Globally Renowned, Skilled and Experienced Surgeons and Medical Professionals: Surgeons and medical professionals form the essence of hair implant surgery. Committed to delivering the best and class-apart hair transplant services, we have a team of highly trained, skilled, experienced and globally renowned surgeons and medical professionals that deliver highest accuracy in hair transplant. Our surgeons and doctors are industry leaders and hold tremendous expertise and acumen in delivering hair replant procedures at high accuracy rates. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who assist the surgeons in performing the intricate hair transplant procedures with highest accuracy. With years of hands-on experience and expertise, our globally renowned surgeons have transformed the lives of over thousands of patients. Through their meticulous and highly professional approach, Cure Your Hair has emerged as the most credible brand in delivering highly reliable and result-oriented hair transplantation services. We have managed to carve a niche for ourselves in the hair transplantation industry through remarkable and splendid results delivered by our professionals. Our clients express tremendous gratitude towards our clinic for immensely revolutionizing their lives.
  1. State of the Art Facilities/Advanced Techniques:Cure Your Hair is committed to serving their clients with the best-in-class and result oriented hair implant services to ensure complete client satisfaction. Cure Your Hair boasts of state-of-the-art facilities matching standards of some of the top hair implant clinics worldwide. Cure Your Hair is equipped with state-of-the-art and modern high-tech equipment such as cold LED lights, electrically adjustable operating tables, high resolution cameras, stereo-microscopes, ¬†spacious treatment rooms and world-class infrastructure to deliver top-grade services to our clients. We are equipped with world-class high magnification microscopes and video-assisted microscopes to reduce damage rates and provide best services to our clients. Cure Your Hair boasts of dedicated and ultra-hygienic hair transplant operation theaters, implant rooms, graft cutting rooms and patient recovery rooms. We consistently adopt and ensure cleanliness measures through periodic fumigation and sterilization process at our centers. We aim to reduce damage possibility substantially through the use of high-end equipment’s having magnification and capacity to deliver high-end results. Cure-your-hair boasts of world-class interiors featuring private spaces with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable sleeping options and dining/conversation areas.
  1. Highly Affordable Services: We believe in delivering world-class and remarkable results at highly affordable prices. We believe in providing value for money services and provide complete guidance to the client about the procedure and charges at the time of initial consultation. We strongly criticize wrong practices against financial gains and do not have any hidden charges unlike other clinics that compel patients to pay hidden charges over the mid or end of procedure. We are highly recognized clinic for delivering world-class services at highly economical prices.
  1. Offer Hassle-free Hair Transplant Experience: We excel in offering hassle-free hair transplanting experience with the objective to make hair implant procedure painless for our clients. We excel in making hair implant procedure completely hassle-free through amicable staff and surgeons. Our surgeons are gifted with the tactics of keeping the patients as much composed and calm as possible over the course of the entire hair replant procedure.
  1. Our Patients are the Best Patrons: We do not self-boast about our services, its’ our patients who speak highly about the quality and standard of our result-oriented services, facilities and staff. Our patients speak heavily of our remarkable and incredible results that tremendously transformed their lives. Our happy patients praise our world-class, result-oriented and hassle-free hair transplant services and share their procedure experiences during conferences and seminars. Our patients accredit us of tremendously transforming their lives through our affordable and class-apart services.
  1. Lower Transection Rates: Transection refers to graft damage during extraction. Transection rate should be as low as possible since a transected graft fails to grow. Transection rate is independent of instrumentation or techniques used and is completely surgeon dependent. Therefore, transaction rate varies from surgeon to surgeon. Our highly experienced and skilled surgeons are masters in performing hair transplant procedures with tremendously low transection rates to ensure as little graft damages as possible. Our surgeons deliver outstanding and very low transaction rates while carrying out hair transplanting procedures in Delhi and outer Delhi.
Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant refers to a procedure that involves transplantation of existing hair from a donor site to a recipient site. This procedure has created a great hype in the world of hair restoration and many sports persons and celebrities proudly endorse it. Hair Transplanting is a highly intricate procedure requiring great skill and expertise. It is not as straight forward as it seems though being a minimally invasive procedure. Hair implant is an excellent procedure to do away with baldness.

Hair Transplant in modern times is prone to the risk of being commoditized owing to the abrupt opening of hair implant clinics all across the globe.

What is the need for getting Hair Transplant surgery performed from experienced surgeons?

Though seeming to be a minimally invasive procedure with rare complications, hair transplanting procedure can lead to adverse effects in case proper hygiene is not maintained and conducted erroneously. Further, an erroneously performed surgery results in graft wastage and may lead to a scenario wherein reconstructive hair transplant also gets impossible.

What Factors you must consider before selecting a Hair Transplant Clinic?

Hair transplanting is a highly intricate procedure involving great deal of skill and expertise to generate remarkable results. It is a form of art and not as easy as it seems. Therefore, one has to be highly cautious while selecting a hair implant clinic since a wrong choice can lead to negative and adverse effects. Hair Transplant involves mimicking nature to get the best outcomes. Implanted hair appears unnatural unless the hairline and direction of implanted hair imitates natural hair growth.

You must make a cautious decision while selecting a hair transplant clinic by verifying client testimonials, patients’ before and after pictures with details about the number of implanted grafts.

Why you must focus on Transparency?

Clinics generally charge patients more and implant less grafts, i.e. there is a high variation between grafts charged for and number of actually implanted grafts. Clinics do not generally follow a transparent system and utilize ambiguity for making extra money.

What about Cost Variation?

There is a huge variation in prices for hair transplanting procedures at different clinics and some clinics charge ‘too high’ while some charge ‘too low’ at the sake of compromising service quality. Perform market research to analyze the market prices for a hair replant procedure and make a decision about selecting a clinic accordingly. Do not fall for clinics who offer low prices since they will compromise quality standards that could further lead to adverse effects on your health.

Thorough market research is the best option while making a decision about the clinic of hair transplant in Delhi.

Expectations and Recovery

Scalp becomes highly tender after the hair implant procedure and you will be required to take pain killers for several days. Surgeon generally prescribes antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs and also recommend wearing bandages over your scalp for a few days. Transplanted hair fall out within 2-3 weeks post surgery and you will start observing new growth within a few months. Effective hair transplant procedures result in new hair growths within a span of 6 to 9 months.

Risks Involved

Hair Transplant is associated with the risks of bleeding and infection. There is also possibility of scarring and unnatural-appearing new hair growth. Risks also involve inflammation or infection of hair follicles as new hair starts to grow. There are also chances of sudden loss of original hair in the area where new hair growth occurs referred to as shock loss.

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Best Hair Transplant in Delhi
October, 15, 2017
Best Hair Transplant in Delhi5/5 stars
I visited the doctor and the doctor assured me that the hair treatment is very effective and can drive stupendous results, which they did I got my hair implant done by cureyourhair. I think that you can get the best hair transplant in Delhi only in this clinic.